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      GOD Is The Reason I Am Here Today

      GOD Is The Reason I Am Here Today

      "GOD is the reason I am here today," says Diane Rambo, founder and CEO of Destined Adventures, a travel agency with a mission to educate, inspire, and empower families with autistic children to overcome their insecurities as a parent through the power of community, collaboration, patience and commitment. "He has been teaching me as a little girl, even through all of my adversities on what my purpose is and why He created me."

      Diane says she never envisioned herself as a leader, but embraced her ability to teach and serve. At 6 years old, she taught her grandfather how to speak English. In elementary school she was elected Student Council President. As a young mom at 18, she worked two jobs while attending college full-time, because she was on a mission to become the first college graduate in her family.

      "It's amazing how others can believe in you more than you believe in yourself," says Diane. She initially started her entrepreneurial journey as a part-time travel agent shortly after leaving a near 17-year successful career with AT&T and moving to Las Vegas to become a travel agent. She says at the time she had no idea how to launch a business, but she was willing to learn. And Diane attended training with her travel partners, she learned there was a certification for autism travel.

      "Given all of the challenges I have faced, I naturally love to assist others and pass on any knowledge that I may have to make someone else's life easier," she says. "It is my passion to uplift families around the world and let them know they are not alone. There are resources available, and I can guide them to obtain results as I did with my son."

      Diane says she cannot take all the credit for her success. Her inspiration was the result of her son's autism diagnosis at 3 years old, and taking another two years to accept it. That is when she began to research and develop strategies to help him overcome his challenges. She says she then began to understand the difference between meltdowns and tantrums, and grew more patient by becoming more committed to supporting him the best way she could.

      "One of the most rewarding experiences and breakthroughs I've had came from traveling with my son," Diane says. "That's when I started to wonder, 'How many other families are going through the same thing?'"

      Diane's guiding star has always been GOD. She says there was always a lesson in every decision she has ever made, and opportunities began to present themselves. She admits that she hasn't always believed the timing was always right for her, but because she believes in GOD's timing, she made herself available each time to step into her power to become the leader He created her to be.


      "My biggest advice is to never give up on your passion, never feel guilty for wanting some 'me' time, trust your journey, and always remain positive," Diane says. "Good things will always follow a positive mind. Success is not how much money you make, it's the impact that you make in this world."

      Of everything she's accomplished, Diane wants most to be remembered for her passion of helping others and living by example. Grinding when necessary but also knowing when to take a break, remaining positive, always smiling even when life gets rough, and having a strong mindset, courage, and willingness to do the hard stuff. 

      "Ultimately, I want my legacy to continue the work that no one believes is possible through the community centers that will be built worldwide to serve families with autistic kids," Diane says. "I cherish being a mom the most. The journey to becoming a mom wasn't planned or easy, but it has made me who I am today."


      If you would like to be featured in Maja Arnold's "WOMEN UPLIFTING WOMEN" blog, please contact us at kristin@elisely.com for an editorial inquiry. This blog was created to inspire, uplift and empower women globally to step through adversity to LIVE a KIND & HAPPY life full of HOPE, FAITH & GOD.

      Let Go And LIVE

      Let Go And LIVE

      Nilaja Montgomery, 2021 Woman of Influence by Colorado Springs Business Journal, is a relationship manager, connecter, and an all-round get-stuff-done kind of gal who says her biggest professional accomplishment is negotiating a 6-figure salary. But her greatest overall accomplishment in life was giving birth to her son, Justice.


      "Being a mother has been my greatest lesson, my greatest gift and my greatest challenge," says Nilaja. "But I'm so happy I chose this path." 

      As a self-made woman with an MBA, Nilaja says her guiding star as an adolescent was rising above where she grew up. "I grew up in Gary, Indiana," she says. "My high school's graduation rate at the time was about 75 percent, so every one in four students dropped out. So I aimed to be in the top 20 percent of my class."


      Nilaja went on to serve as a medical officer in the Army, serving two deployments to the middle east, and is now writing her memoir to share her experiences with others. She feels called to give a voice to women in the military community, especially those struggling with PTSD. Her goal is to normalize these conversations to raise awareness of service member and veteran mental health needs.

      Today, she continues to give herself permission to embrace her boldness and lives life according to her own rules. After losing close friends overseas, Nilaja knows the value of living in the moment and be grateful for it. These values are ones she hopes to pass down as her legacy to her son. 


      "Start," she says. "Try it. Try it on. Press the button. Do it. With your knees shaking, your breath short and your heart pounding, do it anyway. The world's most inspiring people are those living out their passions and going in the direction that feels good to their souls. They are those who encourage others and live in a constant state of courage. They are those who are relentless and never give up, no matter how hard life hits."

      "LIVE speaks to me most," Nilaja says of Maja Arnold's necklaces. "As a veteran, living the life I want and envision are the most important ideas to me. Watching my son figure life out and figuring out life along with my son and my life partner are amazing journeys that I get to navigate. This life is grande and beautiful!"


      May is a month that we continue to honor all mothers. Their beautiful and unparalleled bond of love truly makes the world go round.


      If you would like to be featured in Maja Arnold's "WOMEN UPLIFTING WOMEN" blog, please contact us at kristin@elisely.com for an editorial inquiry. This blog was created to inspire, uplift and empower women globally to step through adversity to LIVE a KIND & HAPPY life full of HOPE, FAITH & GOD.

      LIVE & Let Go of Fear in 2022

      LIVE & Let Go of Fear in 2022

      Lesley Kilp is the founder and editor of WhatsUpNW.com, a website that features all that is going on in the Pacific Northwest, to include upcoming local events, restaurant and bar openings, and spotlights trailblazers and changermakers in the area. One of her biggest professional accomplishments was covering NASA's recent Double Asteroid Redirection Test mission, where she was able to shed light on what it takes to into defending our planet from all that outer space can bring our way.

      As a young woman, what was your “guiding star” as you began to pave your path?
      I would say my parents were definitely my guiding stars. They encouraged my creativity with writing and fostered my love for all things spaceflight. I also had an incredible college professor, Dr. Kaye Bragg, who truly showed me that women can do anything we put our mind to! 

      What are you currently working on and what are your goals for the next year? 
      Right now I'm in the very slow process of writing my first book, a non-fiction memoir of everything I've learned over the years by not backing down from challenges and opportunities. I also have a dream of working in NASA's public affairs office. In the meantime, I'm continuing to grow my website and write about all the amazing people and things to do in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

      What is your biggest piece of advice to other women who are looking to live fearlessly?
      Don't be afraid to pick yourself up when you fall. Knock on the doors until they open. Don't be afraid of the word no, keep trying! You never know when you'll get that yes!

      What do you most want to be remembered for? What is the legacy you wish to leave? 
      I hope people remember that I was never afraid to try something new, never afraid to fall flat on my face and pick myself right back up and learn from my mistakes. I hope people realize we live this current life one time and we have to make the most of every single moment!


      What is the one thing that you cherish most in life?
      Internal peace and happiness, because nothing outside of us can give us that.

      What single event has had the greatest impact on your life?
      My Uncle Dana passed away from AIDS-related complications when I was a teenager. I found out on the day he died that he was gay and had asked the family not to tell his nieces and nephews as he feared we wouldn't love him anymore. It has thus far been one of the most devastating things I have ever experienced - not just his death, but his belief I wouldn't love him anymore because of who he loved. I want everyone on this planet to feel loved and cherished, no matter who they love or what they believe. To this day, I wish I could hug him and tell him how amazing he is and was. I don't ever want to make someone feel the way he felt!
      If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
      If there was a way to remove all the hate and insecurity from our internal beings, that's the one thing I would want to change!
      Who/What inspires you most?
      Anyone that isn't afraid to try something, fail, pick themselves up, keep trying, and talk about it.  One of my favorite quotes is from Robert F. Kennedy, “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”

      Of Maja’s initial necklaces (GOD, FAITH, HOPE, LIVE, KIND and HAPPY), which one speaks to  you most? And why? 
      Kind speaks the most to me as that is how I feel we all should be towards one another. Even saying a simple kind compliment to a stranger can make their day and change lives. 

      As we prepare to move into 2022... setting new goals for the New Year... our wish for you is that you lean in to your heart's desires and welcome new opportunities to chase your dreams. To challenge yourself to reach new heights by stretching in new ways by climbing your own Machu Picchu. To be brave and fearless by taking steps to continually push yourself out into the uncomfortable. To test the limits of your soul. Cheers to you, and all that you will achieve in 2022!

      See you in the New Year!

      If you would like to be featured in Maja Arnold's "WOMEN UPLIFTING WOMEN" blog, please contact us at kristin@elisely.com for an editorial inquiry. This blog was created to inspire, uplift and empower women globally to step through adversity to LIVE a KIND & HAPPY life full of HOPE, FAITH & GOD.

      Let Your FAITH Be Your Guiding Star

      Let Your FAITH Be Your Guiding Star

      Looking back on moving to Seattle from the Philippines when she was only 7 years old, Wonderful Morrison says she is incredibly grateful for the way life's path was laid out for her. Her challenges sharpened her natural curiosity in getting to know people and their stories.

      And her guiding star has always been her faith. 

      Today as a business strategist and leadership coach, LeadHer Academy founder & CEO Wonderful says divine intervention has lead her to where she is today. 

      "My current business actually found me, and it found me during a time that my family was hit with a painful betrayal," says Wonderful. "A trusted person, whom I loved very much, stole our family business during a difficult time. I was deeply wounded and had no plans of starting another business at all. But it came to me in the form of an email. A friend asked if I would mind a phone conversation or coffee date to pick my brain about her business."

      This coffee date lit a spark within Wonderful to become a business strategist. She found that she loved talking about strategy and solutions. She loved the planning, goal setting and systemizing her business process. But nothing lit her up more than hearing about her friend's success when she implemented what they worked on together that day. 

      Wonderful found that her natural listening skills served her well when mixed with her years of knowledge, experience and expertise as a highly successful business owner. Since launching her business, she now uplifts female entrepreneurs around the world and leads an online community that continues to grow. 

      As she looks forward into 2022, some of her upcoming projects include a book on leadership for female entrepreneurs and a podcast to continue to grow her visibility.

      "My biggest piece of advice is to seek mentorship from both those who have built a successful business and those who are successful in your industry," Wonderful says. "And never cease to invest in your personal growth."

      All all the things Wonderful hopes to pass down through is her legacy is her bravery, mental toughness, grit, unconditional love and gratitude.

      "There are many paths to success, but your character will prove to be the main ingredient in how you give and serve the world," she says. "I lead women entrepreneurs to their success by guiding them to step fully into their power and use their gifts and talents. The world will be transformed, simply because they showed up."

      "Of all of Maja's beautiful necklaces (GOD, FAITH, HOPE, LIVE, KIND and HAPPY), the one that speaks to me the most is GOD," says Wonderful. "Because without Him, I am nothing."

      If you would like to be featured in Maja Arnold's "WOMEN UPLIFTING WOMEN" blog, please contact us at kristin@elisely.com for an editorial inquiry. This blog was created to inspire, uplift and empower women globally to step through adversity to LIVE a KIND & HAPPY life full of HOPE, FAITH & GOD.

      Getting to Know the Face Behind the MAJA ARNOLD Brand

      Getting to Know the Face Behind the MAJA ARNOLD Brand

      During this month, spent celebrating all that we are thankful for, Maja says she is most thankful for her healthy family.

      "These are very difficult times we are all going trough," she says. "So much uncertainty makes us more vulnerable and scared, which means these times have also made us realize what is most important. And that is our family and friends, staying safe and healthy. This is the foundation of happiness." 

      When Maja thinks of the "why" behind her brand, aside from the joy and sense of purpose she personally receives from it and the flexibility it provides her family to enjoy their time together, she feels most filled with passion hearing the stories of her clients. 

      Each of us has a story. Which means her necklaces do too.

      "Our stories are as unique as we are," says Maja. "And so, every one of my designs is unique as well. I learn so much from the women I meet, and we quickly becomes friends in the end. And to think that it all started with a necklace, the way our stories begin to weave together. I'm very grateful."

      For professional creatives, it is imperative that they maintain a daily routine that supports inspiration, focus and vision, and Maja has found that filling her days with multiple support lines has been most effective.

      "My daily routine for creativity includes praying, listening to happy music, meditation, reading positive quotes (I love quotes!), and self-help books and podcasts," says Maja. "There are so many amazing teachers, coaches, writers and podcasters that can fill us with a positive outlook on life. We have to concentrate on happiness, especially in these unsure and fear-based times."

      One of the struggles that many of us who work from home can relate to is the need to stay focused to remain productive. For Maja, she says she performs best when she remembers to take time for herself to stay centered and open to creative ideas.

      "When I design, this is my time to meditate and 'get away,'" she says. "I absolutely love creating. This is my time for me, and nobody can take it away. And that makes me so happy. My kids have seen me create for a long time now, so they understand and are very supportive."

      When asked which of her designs is her favorite, Maja says GOD. "Because GOD is everything."

      Maja recently added a new design to her line, SMILE, because she says she is certain that she is not the only one who has missed being able to see people's smiles when she is out in her community.

      "We've been wearing masks for a while now, so I felt like this design was necessary to bring smiles at least as a symbol on a tshirt," says Maja. "My ultimate goal is to bring positive energy and happiness through my designs. I'm already thinking of my next design to add. What do you think about JOY?"

      If you would like to be featured in Maja Arnold's "WOMEN UPLIFTING WOMEN" blog, please contact us at kristin@elisely.com for an editorial inquiry. This blog was created to inspire, uplift and empower women globally to step through adversity to LIVE a KIND & HAPPY life full of HOPE, FAITH & GOD.