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      News & Press — autism

      GOD Is The Reason I Am Here Today

      GOD Is The Reason I Am Here Today

      "GOD is the reason I am here today," says Diane Rambo, founder and CEO of Destined Adventures, a travel agency with a mission to educate, inspire, and empower families with autistic children to overcome their insecurities as a parent through the power of community, collaboration, patience and commitment. "He has been teaching me as a little girl, even through all of my adversities on what my purpose is and why He created me."

      Diane says she never envisioned herself as a leader, but embraced her ability to teach and serve. At 6 years old, she taught her grandfather how to speak English. In elementary school she was elected Student Council President. As a young mom at 18, she worked two jobs while attending college full-time, because she was on a mission to become the first college graduate in her family.

      "It's amazing how others can believe in you more than you believe in yourself," says Diane. She initially started her entrepreneurial journey as a part-time travel agent shortly after leaving a near 17-year successful career with AT&T and moving to Las Vegas to become a travel agent. She says at the time she had no idea how to launch a business, but she was willing to learn. And Diane attended training with her travel partners, she learned there was a certification for autism travel.

      "Given all of the challenges I have faced, I naturally love to assist others and pass on any knowledge that I may have to make someone else's life easier," she says. "It is my passion to uplift families around the world and let them know they are not alone. There are resources available, and I can guide them to obtain results as I did with my son."

      Diane says she cannot take all the credit for her success. Her inspiration was the result of her son's autism diagnosis at 3 years old, and taking another two years to accept it. That is when she began to research and develop strategies to help him overcome his challenges. She says she then began to understand the difference between meltdowns and tantrums, and grew more patient by becoming more committed to supporting him the best way she could.

      "One of the most rewarding experiences and breakthroughs I've had came from traveling with my son," Diane says. "That's when I started to wonder, 'How many other families are going through the same thing?'"

      Diane's guiding star has always been GOD. She says there was always a lesson in every decision she has ever made, and opportunities began to present themselves. She admits that she hasn't always believed the timing was always right for her, but because she believes in GOD's timing, she made herself available each time to step into her power to become the leader He created her to be.


      "My biggest advice is to never give up on your passion, never feel guilty for wanting some 'me' time, trust your journey, and always remain positive," Diane says. "Good things will always follow a positive mind. Success is not how much money you make, it's the impact that you make in this world."

      Of everything she's accomplished, Diane wants most to be remembered for her passion of helping others and living by example. Grinding when necessary but also knowing when to take a break, remaining positive, always smiling even when life gets rough, and having a strong mindset, courage, and willingness to do the hard stuff. 

      "Ultimately, I want my legacy to continue the work that no one believes is possible through the community centers that will be built worldwide to serve families with autistic kids," Diane says. "I cherish being a mom the most. The journey to becoming a mom wasn't planned or easy, but it has made me who I am today."


      If you would like to be featured in Maja Arnold's "WOMEN UPLIFTING WOMEN" blog, please contact us at kristin@elisely.com for an editorial inquiry. This blog was created to inspire, uplift and empower women globally to step through adversity to LIVE a KIND & HAPPY life full of HOPE, FAITH & GOD.

      Have FAITH to Follow Your Dreams

      Have FAITH to Follow Your Dreams

      Diving into entrepreneurship is terrifying. With the inevitable failures and second-guessing and learning as you go, it is quite possibly the most challenging role any woman could ever take on.

      It tests all that you’re made of. And exposes all that you’re not. It takes a lot of FAITH.

      Just like being a mom does. Especially when you’re the mama to a child with special needs.

      A little over a year ago, Kristin Bentley left a position as an executive creative for a startup – that gained such visibility it acquired contracts with Fortune 500 companies such as Hilton and US Foods – having FAITH that launching her own company, Elisely, would open new doors to a career path full of passion and purpose.

      Weeks later, the state of Washington was quarantined. And a few months after that, Kristin’s now five-year-old son was diagnosed with moderate ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

      She says the diagnosis didn’t come as a surprise. At three years old he could build a vortex out of large cardboard IKEA blocks and explain in broken speech how they form. And categorize a deck of dinosaur cards by the periods they lived in and what they ate. But, he also ate the drywall in his bedroom and would wander from the house if he thought no one was looking.

      Even though Kristin already knew it in her heart that her son was affected by autism, it didn’t make it any easier to accept. She says it took her and her husband a few months to process what it meant for their son’s future.

      “The hardest part, as a parent, is accepting that what your child’s future might look like is now a little different than how you’d envisioned,” she says. “Of course, you still want the best for them. But you have to modify what that now means and have FAITH in your ability to embrace it.”

      2020 was a year full of pivoting, personal growth and required self-care for all of us. Most of us found ourselves juggling a new balancing act of working from home, overseeing our children’s education as they transitioned to virtual learning, and struggling to maintain our own mental health needs.

      For some of us, the last year wasn’t much different than others. The juggling act of working from home and overseeing the education and weekly therapy of a child with special needs often comes with tears of both joy and heartache.

      Sometimes, the only thing that gets you through your day is pure FAITH. FAITH in yourself, FAITH in your partner, and FAITH that you are not failing your child.

      Today, Elisely Co is a creative agency that assists aspiring authors and a publishing company with a global platform for those looking to launch a magazine or book. Together, they power an online teen community of creative leaders that provides mentorship through the collaborative creation of Teen Creative Magazine, a quarterly digital and print magazine read in over 19 countries that globally raises the voices of GenZ.

      “Everyone has a story,” says Kristin. “We all experience hardships. Every single one of us. And when we’re struggling we often isolate ourselves and don’t speak up, because in that moment we feel vulnerable and raw. It takes a lot of courage and FAITH to own our truths, to be authentic with others by sharing our stories. But, when we do... it creates community and strength and healing. You never know who you’ll inspire.”


      If you would like to be featured in Maja Arnold's "WOMEN UPLIFTING WOMEN" blog, please contact us at kristin@elisely.com for an editorial inquiry. This blog was created to inspire, uplift and empower women globally to step through adversity to LIVE a KIND & HAPPY life full of HOPE, FAITH & GOD.