Thru Heartache, A Blessing – Barb’s Story

I’m so looking forward to seeing the designs for Mike. He has been such a very special person in my life. His mother, who was my dearest friend when we lived in Texas, was so devoted to him when we were raising our small children and our families were very close. Unfortunately, his mother had an aneurysm and when Mike came home from school he found his mother bleeding on the floor. They tried to save her for hours at the hospital but could not. So shocking for everyone as she was so young ad had so much to live for. He then lost his father to cancer and both of his beloved grandparents. I have tried to be the godmother that his mother had in mind for him and he has been a true blessing through all the heartaches I have been through. I know he will adore the pendant and I’m anxious to show him your story from the Bellevue Reporter as he will be so touched.

Thank you so much,


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