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“t first glance, it looks like a beautiful necklace – but there’s so much more to it. There’s a hidden message in every piece.

Artist and Designer Maja Arnold creates inspirational jewelry from her Bellevue home, using letters or initials that transform into meaningful works of art.

There are pieces that symbolize words like Love, Hope, Happy and Kind, but it’s the special, custom-made pieces that really represent Maja’s mission.

Maja Arnold Jewelry line

“[The] first necklace I ever made was my three children, Ella, Lukas and Isabella,” Arnold explained, “My inspiration behind my jewelry brand came when I had twins and one of my twins passed away from SIDS.”

“When Isabella passed away, I said to God, ‘please give me my baby girl back.’ Two years later, against all odds, the doctors told me there was no way to get pregnant, but I got pregnant with a girl named Ella,” said Arnold.

Unfortunately, when Ella was one years old, Arnold’s other twin son, Lukas was diagnosed with stage three cancer. He fought his cancer diagnosis and is now six years cancer free.

After everything her family has gone through, especially losing a child, Arnold was searching for something to give her strength.

“I was really desperate to find something to keep with me and to keep [Isabella’s] memory alive, and I couldn’t find anything. I was googling jewelry and googling things that I can carry with me at all times and I couldn’t find anything that represented me and my style,” said Arnold. “One day I was in the kitchen, I have been an artist all my life, and it just came to me. I started drawing and sketching initials of my children, including the one that passed away. This is how my business started.

Now people from all over are using Arnold’s custom-made jewelry as a way to honor loved ones, past and present. Each piece represents a personal story and is wearable fashion of the highest quality to be cherished for a lifetime.”

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