Personalized Necklaces for Mom are the Perfect Way to Celebrate Her This Mother’s Day!

Personalized necklaces for Mom

Personalized necklaces for Mom are the perfect way to celebrate her this Mother’s Day! Turn Mom’s initials, her children’s initials, or family initials into a beautiful custom personalized necklace just for her!

A bit of Designer Maja Arnold’s story from The Eastside Scene:

Arnold dreamed of being in the fashion industry growing up in her Slovakia hometown. When she was 15, a modeling agent discovered her and she broke in to the fashion industry as a model.

Arnold eventually met her husband in Seattle, moved to Bellevue and they started their family.

“I had a very difficult pregnancy,” she recalled of carrying her twins, which led to a one-month hospitalization and bedrest during her entire pregnancy. She delivered her twins during her 32nd week of pregnancy.

After her twins’ two-month hospitalization, she took them home, only to lose her daughter to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) two weeks later.

“She passed away and I’m so spiritually close to her, I said to God, ‘I want my girl back,’” Arnold said. “I remember those words. Obviously, I was devastated, but I knew I had to be strong because I have another twin to fight for and I just can’t give up.”

Nearly two years later, she gave birth to her daughter, Ella.

Arnold felt a need to have all three of her children with her. She searched for meaningful jewelry, but she couldn’t find anything that resonated with her missing twin.

She holds up two sterling silver necklaces she wears around her neck that have what look like symbols. One of the necklaces, she explained, has an overlapping “E” “L” and “I” — Ella, Lukas and Isabella — that she sketched by hand before a Bellevue jeweler cast them in digitally-rendered wax molds. The other necklace highlights Arnold’s faith, with a cross in the center and the blended letters “GOD.”

After she designed her first necklace with her children’s initials, she felt complete.

“Now I have my three kids with me, I’m good,” said Arnold, who has a degree in typography. “It’s really weird. It’s just a necklace, but the truth is, it really does a lot when you wear it — you feel complete somehow.”

Personalized necklaces for mom


Grateful for her new blessing, Maja wanted a personal way to commemorate her children. Calling on her strong passion for fashion (she had been a model and an artist) and a degree in typography she had not yet used, Maja designed a necklace featuring the initials of each of her children — Isabella, Lukas, and Ella. “In my mind, I will always have three,” she says. “When I wear the jewelry, I feel completed.”

Good Housekeeping – Feb 2018


Personalized necklaces for mom



“I #treasure the necklace Maja created for me. It was something I didn’t know I needed but now cannot part with. Working with Maja is very #personal; arriving on a #unique design made especially for me. Her heart, soul and European influence is apparent in every creation. I get endless compliments on my piece, and always have my boys close to my heart!”

Krista Munson, Clyde Hill, WA

Personalized necklaces for mom

“For Mother’s Day the sweetest fiance had this necklace made for me of our family! It’s one of a kind and so unique! Maja Arnold is amazing and I’m so grateful for her beautiful work!”

Casey Luttermoser

A beautiful personalized necklace for Mom with your family initials will make her smile each time she wears it.


She will be able to have a beautiful piece of jewelry to show of as well as those she loves the most close to her heart too. Your Mom is special so be sure to give her something special. A yellow gold necklace for Mother’s Day with her children’s initials is sure to be a cherished gift! Surprise her with a necklace tucked away in some roses rather than just giving her a simple bouquet of flowers. 

Personalized necklaces for mom


It’s no wonder that brides-to-be, parents who wanted a symbol of their family and even others who were experiencing grief have sought her out. Each piece represents a personal story and transforms it into wearable fashion of the highest quality to be cherished for lifetime.


Absolutely loving my new necklace by #majaarnoldesign!! Keeps my kiddos close to my hear as they are off on their journeys. Love them.

Stephanie Hogenson

After suffering great loss and heartache Maja Arnold realized that we all have a story to tell and that by creating jewelry she could help others tell their story. But she does much more than help others tell their story she helps them feel their loved ones close to them even if they are far apart. Maja helps Moms know that they are cherished and valued by their Husbands and children. She brings joy to the world one necklace at a time.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Make Mom feel special with one of our LiveLove, Happy, or Hope pieces. Of course, these pieces are perfect for her birthday or any other celebration too.

Personalized necklaces for momPersonalized necklaces for mom



Today, Maja works with a local artisan who handcrafts every custom piece she designs. Each piece in this line, Maja Arnold, is unique and reflects the personal story of the person who will wear it, whether it’s a story of loss, celebration or simply the joy of life. “It is a way for women to wear their strength, hope and faith daily to visibly honor those they hold dear to their hearts,” she says. She donates 3% of sales to Seattle Children’s Hospital, which she credits with saving Lukas’s life. “I want to empower women and let them know that when they go through a hard time, there’s something inspiring coming on the other side,” she says, “even if they don’t know it yet.”

Good Housekeeping – Feb 2018



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