Interview with Nicole Zasowski | Author, Marriage and Family Therapist

Interview with Nicole Zasowski | Author, Marriage and Family Therapist


M: Can you describe what love means to you.

N: As a Christian, I believe God is love. And we love others because He first
loved us! I think love is best seen in the context of community. No one person
is capable of loving perfectly and completely. When we gather and love one
another in community, we get a glimpse of all the ways that God loves us!

M: Please tell me a little about how LOVE has motivated you to serve others.

N: I have been the recipient of so much love in my life—by God, my family,
and friends that have played such special roles in shaping my identity and
sense of security. I would consider it a gift and a grace if I can play a part in
reflecting that love to other people.


M: What does kindness meant to you?

N: To me, kindness is different than “nice.” Nice seeks to please and goes
along to get along. Kindness offers both grace and truth to others. It comforts
but it also challenges people to grow.

M: What is your favorite act of kindness you can remember?

N: I have been the recipient of so many! One story that comes to mind right
away is a trip to Disneyland when I was about 8 years old. We were in line for
Splash Mountain and I had convinced myself that I could wait to go to the
bathroom. The line was really long and in the middle of the ride, I couldn’t
hold it any longer and wet my pants! I was so embarrassed and even more
humiliated at the thought of climbing out of the boat and it being obvious to
everyone that I had wet my pants. My dad was sitting behind me and I
reluctantly let him in on my dilemma. He thought for a second and then
starting leaning over the side of the boat and cupping water with his hands
and pouring water in both of our laps. When the time came for us to
disembark from our log boat, we got out and he just smiled and said, “We got
soaked!” as if the wet ride was the culprit. Kindness ☺.


M: Do you believe in GOD?

N: I do! ☺

M: Can you tell me a little bit about who GOD is to you.

N: I have put my trust in Jesus Christ and believe that He is my Lord and
Savior. He is my Father and Friend and my ultimate Hope.

M: When have you needed GOD most?

N: My husband and I have walked through a long season of infertility and lost
five babies to miscarriage. It was the first time I confronted a major loss I
could not change no matter how hard I worked to make it different. I needed
a Hope outside myself and as painful as our circumstances were, my faith
allowed me to truth that because of Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross, what
is dark today is not going to be dark forever.


M: What is importance of FAITH?

N: My faith allows me to see this life in the context of eternity. It also allows
me to see my imperfection as an invitation to recognize my need for God and
depend on Him.

M: When was a time you felt your faith become stronger?

N: I recently wrote a book called, From Lost to Found: Giving up what you
think you want for what will set you free. The story on the pages of that book
outlines how God wove His story of redemption into a season I would have
never been brave enough to choose for myself. He showed me that often, on
the far side of pain we don’t prefer, we find transformation we would not


M: What is happiness?

N: For me, happiness is choosing peace and joy outside of circumstance.


M: How do you achieve happiness in your life?

N: I used to think that happiness was found on the far side of a dream realized
or a goal achieved. I now believe that gratitude is our best avenue to happiness
and that we have a lot more agency when it comes to our happiness than we
think we do.


M: Is there a situation in your life where HOPE helped?

N: So many…especially my experiences surrounding multiple miscarriages.

M: Of all these words which one do you feel most connected with?

N: Hope

M: WHY?!

N: Over the last ten years, I have had a complicated relationship with hope. It
just felt like an avenue of disappointment and heartache. But in the midst of
my longing and waiting, I began to realize that hope is a good idea…not
because of what we receive, but Who we receive. Hope became an avenue of
God’s grace and comfort in my life. So I guess I connect with the words,
“God” and “Faith” too! ☺

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