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Interview of Leslie Mayne, her foundation is

L:-Can you describe what love means to you. God is Love.
L:-Please tell me a little about  how LOVE has motivated you to serve others- I believe we are here to
serve God by serving others.

L:-What does kindness meant to you? Demonstrating gestures/actions that bless another.
L:-What is your favorite act of kindness you can remember-Recently, friends have dropped off
unexpected items at my door during the COVID stay at home orders. One was a sweet Easter note of
with fresh eggs from her hens. Another was a basket of necessities and extras that I didn’t ask for but
somehow they knew I might need.

L:-Do you believe in GOD? Yes
L:-Can you tell me a little bit about who GOD is to you- God is our Creator and our Eternal Father in
L:-When have you needed GOD most. When I have been very ill , after my son died, when I have been in
the “wilderness” of grief and loss. I have never forgotten these moments and never will.

L:-What is importance of FAITH? We choose faith. live on faith not fear.
L:-When was a time you felt your faith become stronger? After my son died.

L:-What is happiness? I think happiness is a moment.
L:-How do you achieve happiness in your life? I choose to seek contentment, as I believe it is more
sustainable than “happiness”.

L:-What do you feel HOPE provides for people? Hope provides a belief that life has a way of working
itself out and the circumstance will improve.
L:-Is there a situation in your life where HOPE helped? Yes, Hope gave me the encouragement and belief
that my sadness and grief would not always feel so heavy and immobilizing .
L:-Of all these words which one do you feel most connected with? Corinthians 13:13 “And now these
three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is LOVE.”
L:- WHY? God’s word.

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