Close to the Heart – Robin’s Story

It is said that everyone has a story…My beloved husband and I had become empty nesters the Fall of 2008 and had just down-sized from our large home into a perfect size condo with a water-view of Lake Washington east of Seattle. We were in our lovely, new home for just 3 months when our lives quickly changed. Michael was initially diagnosed with pneumonia but was not improving. Then after a trip to the E.R., my 28yr marriage was about to change forever. I won’t go into the details of those next 12 days because I actually do not have a recollection of the events other than I was in a constant fog.

My beloved husband passed away on 3/31/09 with a diagnosis of Lung Cancer. I have always found strength and support by surrounding myself with loving, caring family and friends throughout my journey of healing. It was early Fall of 2014, when I ran into a familiar smiling face from my pilates’ class while at a community event. I was admiring Maja’s beautiful necklace when she shared her story…I was extremely moved and had an overwhelming feeling of warmth, compassion and support. I knew immediately that creating a necklace with Michael’s initials that I could wear close to my heart would be a gift I would treasure forever. Little did I know that I would be receiving a stunning necklace the week of my 33rd wedding anniversary and a special friendship with Maja Arnold.


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