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Interview with Nicole Zasowski | Author, Marriage and Family Therapist

Interview with Nicole Zasowski | Author, Marriage and Family Therapist   LOVE M: Can you describe what love means to you. N: As a Christian, I believe God is love. And we love others because He first loved us! I think love is best seen in the context of community. No one person is capable […]

Interview of Leslie Mayne |

Interview of Leslie Mayne, her foundation is LOVE L:-Can you describe what love means to you. God is Love. L:-Please tell me a little about  how LOVE has motivated you to serve others- I believe we are here to serve God by serving others. KIND L:-What does kindness meant to you? Demonstrating gestures/actions that […] Features Bellevue mom, Maja Arnold featured Maja Arnold recently saying: “t first glance, it looks like a beautiful necklace – but there’s so much more to it. There’s a hidden message in every piece. Artist and Designer Maja Arnold creates inspirational jewelry from her Bellevue home, using letters or initials that transform into meaningful works of art. There are […]

A Personalized Family Necklace is a Reminder of All the Good Times

personalized family necklace

A personalized family necklace is the perfect way to stay connected after vacations end and holidays are over when everyone goes their separate ways. It will keep you connected and serve as a reminder of all the good times, road trips, game nights, and family dinners together. A personalized family necklace with an initial from each family […]

Personalized Necklaces for Mom are the Perfect Way to Celebrate Her This Mother’s Day!

Personalized necklaces for Mom

Personalized necklaces for Mom are the perfect way to celebrate her this Mother’s Day! Turn Mom’s initials, her children’s initials, or family initials into a beautiful custom personalized necklace just for her! A bit of Designer Maja Arnold’s story from The Eastside Scene: “Arnold dreamed of being in the fashion industry growing up in her […]