A Personalized Family Necklace is a Reminder of All the Good Times

personalized family necklace

A personalized family necklace is the perfect way to stay connected after vacations end and holidays are over when everyone goes their separate ways. It will keep you connected and serve as a reminder of all the good times, road trips, game nights, and family dinners together. A personalized family necklace with an initial from each family member will keep loved ones close to your heart even if you are worlds apart.  

Maja Arnold creates beautiful personalized necklaces by combining the first initial of each family member into a unique design. Her works are truly one of a kind. She can also integrate numbers into the design. A personalized family necklace shows the individuality of each family member but still showcases how together they create the family unit.

personalized family necklace

Her beautiful designs are turned into one of a kind pieces that are sure to be conversation starters. Every time someone asks you about your unique necklace you will get to share about your family and relive the wonderful adventures as you share about the people that made those moments so special.

personalized family necklace

This is how my designs come to life. I hand sketch desired initials. Than we handcraft the necklace from the sketch in solid gold or sterling silver. – Maja Arnold

Just like your family is one of a kind, so is every piece of jewelry designed and created my Maja Arnold.

Just like you love and care for your family, Maja puts love and care into each and every design detail. Her desire is a necklace you would be proud to show off. She wants you to be as proud of your necklace as you are about the family it represents.

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One thought on “A Personalized Family Necklace is a Reminder of All the Good Times

  1. Connie Sikkel says:

    Hi there, my name is Connie Sikkel. Your friend Tiffany was wearing her necklace while visiting her family in Holland , mi.
    I absolutely loved it and she gave me your contact info. I am interested in the 1 inch size with an 18 inch chain. I was wondering if you have s phone number where I can reach you and talk to you about it. I am a good friend of Tiffany’s mom, Donna .

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